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OUTLINE: We emphasize the importance of understanding the Holy Quran through translation, offering courses in English and Urdu to aid the global Muslim community. Our unique approach teaches the meaning behind each word, enabling students to grasp the message deeply. By learning verse-by-verse meanings, students gain clarity and overcome confusion, unlocking the significance of the Quran’s commands and messages. LEARN QURAN TRANSLATION: Understanding the Quran can be hard for those who don’t speak Arabic. That’s why we offer easy-to-follow course to help Muslims worldwide. Our goal is to make it simple for everyone, no matter their age, to learn what the Quran teaches. It’s important because the Quran is like a guidebook for Muslims, showing us how to live our lives. We want to help people see the Quran’s wisdom and become better Muslims by following its teachings. START THE COURSE NOW: Start our easy course to learn about Allah’s messages. Join our reliable online Quran translation classes, taught by expert teachers at your convenience.

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Duration: 9 hours
Video: 9 hours
Level: Intermediate

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