Quran Reading with Tajweed

Significance of Tajweed

The motivation behind the study of Tajweed, generally, is to make the reciter capable in discussing the Qur’an, noticing the right way to express every letter with the decisions and attributes which apply to it, with practically no misrepresentation or lack.

There are 17 outflow points (makhārij al-ḥurūf) of the letters, situated in different locales of the throat, tongue, lips, nose, and the mouth in general for the delayed (madd or mudd) letters.

Tajweed is the Science of reading the Quran accurately. We characterize all fundamental areas, with definitions, clarifications, examples taken from the Quran, and further sound clarifications practically. The best method for learning is under the guidance of a certified educator so that assistance can give and guide when needed, in 1 to 1 sessions at Al Muslim Quran academy.

In the Tajweed course what we teach:

  • Rules of Noon and Meem Mushaddad
  • Alqalqala
  • Laam in the exalted name of Allah
  • Rulling of RAA letter being heavy or light
  • Rules of Noon Saakinah and Tanween
  • Izhar Halqy
  • Iqlaab
  • Idghaam
  • Ikhfaa Haqiqi
  • Ikhfaa Shafawi
  • Idghaam Mutamathelayn Sagheer
  • Chart for Rules of Noon saakin and Tanween
  • Rules of Meem sakin
  • Chart for Rules of Meem sakin
  • How to pronounce each rules


  • Madd Tabee
  • Madd Badal
  • Madd Ewad
  • Madd Aridh Lissukoon
  • Madd Leen
  • Madd Wajid Mutassil
  • Madd Jae’z Mutassil
  • Madd Laazim
  • Madd Laazim Kalemee Muthaqqal
  • Madd Laazim Kalemee Mukhaffaf
  • Madd Laazim Harfee Muthaqqal
  • Madd Laazim Harfee Mukhaffaf
  • Chart for Madd
  • Stopping at the end of words
  • The qualities of the Letters
  • Permanent Qualities with opposites
  • Al-Jahr and Al-Hams
  • Asheddah, Attawasut and Arrakhawa
  • Istifaal and Iste’elaa
  • Al-infetaah and Al-itbaaq
  • Al-Izlaaq and Al-Ismaat
  • Permanent Qualities without opposites
  • As-Safeer
  • Al-Leen
  • Al-Inhiraf
  • At-Takreer
  • At-Tafasshy
  • Istitaalah

After this course you are able to:

  • Understand deeply in which Accent Holy Quran speaks.
  • Deep understanding of expressions of the verses.
  • Able to avoid confusion when reading Arabic words.
  • Limitless good deeds for reciting correctly.
  • Tajweed helps you to pronounce the words of Allah (SWT) correctly.

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