Memorization of the Quran

In Arabic memorization of the Quran-e-pak is called Hifz (حفظ) The person who memorizes called Hafiz(حافظ) and If that person is female then we called Hafiza(حافظة) This chain of series has been going on since the Holy Prophet rather it can also be said that first of all our beloved prophet and their companions saved it by heart. If we say that this(memorization of the Quran) is the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet, then it will not be wrong at all.   Memorization of the Quran is for individuals who might want to remember the Quran by heart. Students must be able to Read Quran properly prior to joining this course. For the most part, Memorization of the Quran students requires additional time contrasted with students in different courses. In everyday live meetings, you will get illustrations straightforwardly from the educator, recite them back to him and have your errors corrected. Alhamdulillah (Arabic: ٱلْحَمْدُ لِلَّٰهِ, al-Ḥamdu lillāh), A lot of students have successfully completed hifz-ul-Quran from Al-Muslim Online Quran Academy. To achieve that goal you should: –

  • Be Sincere.
  • Right Pronunciation and Recitation.
  • Distribute the Daily Number of Verses to Memorize.
  • Try not to Move to the Next Portion Till You Master the Present One.
  • Stick to One Specific Copy of the Glorious Qur’an.
  • Comprehend What You Are Memorizing.
  • Try not to Move One Surah to another one until you fully master it Recite Frequently.
  • Focus on Similarities.

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