Basic Islamic knowledge

The basic Islamic knowledge course is designed to teach beginners about Muslim beliefs. Learn the true and beautiful teachings of Islam.

A basic Islamic knowledge course is designed to teach students about Islam. A good grasp of basic Islamic concepts helps one understand what Islam is. This course includes

  • Basics of Recitation
  • Recitation of Qaida
  • Rules to Read
  • Learn Beliefs/Aqaid

  Five pillars of Islam

  2.      PRAYER
  3.      FASTING
  4.      ZAQAT
  5.      HAJJ

Six kalmas

  1.     TAYYAB
  2.     SHAHADAT/ Testimony
  3.     TAMJEED
  4.     TOUHEED
  5.     ASTAGFAR
  6.     RADDE KUFFR

7 main beliefs of Islam

  1.      Oneness of God
  2.      Prophets of God
  3.      Revelations (Books) of God
  4.      Angels of God
  5.      Revelations (Books) of God
  6.     قادر مطلق (Qadir mutlaq)
  7.      Resurrection after Death

Emaan e Mufasil

Emaan e Mujamil


  • Islamic studies Q/A
  • Duaien
  • Recitation of the Quran
  • Memorization of 5 Surahs
  • Learn ablution in practical class
  • Learn how to pray in practical class
  • Life of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his companions etc

helps to understand what Islam is all about.

If you have a strong grip on all these lessons you are eligeable to promote to next level

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Duration: 10 hours
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Video: 9 hours
Level: Advanced

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